Saturday, January 23, 2010

New fabric and LEATHER bags in progress

I was so excited when I received my order of these three beautiful red, eggshell, and black cowhide leather pieces. They feel so soft and supple and have a nice leather scent. I just can't wait to lay my hands into it...I mean start cutting them. :)

Sorry about the lighting in this photo. I took these in my studio where there's not much natural light. The fabric in the middle is actually a minted green background with a turquoise wild-flower print. Please see the photo below to get a better idea of the actual colors.

See what I mean? They've been cut and are ready for sewing. Please be patient and give me a week to produce them before posting on my Etsy shop. I'll keep you updated on the new bags. Promise! ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Satisfied Customer

The "Lotus Hobo/Diaper Bag" is one of my hot selling bags,

I recently received an email from a happy customer who purchased two of the above bags (one for her mom as a birthday gift and for herself). This is what she emailed me when she received it,

"Mandy, Can I just say Oh…MY…GAWD! I LOVE THIS BAG! It’s even more incredible than I expected. I am SO impressed with the quality of your workmanship and that someone who is not a machine can put out something like that? It’s adorable, it’s a perfect size, the colours match my coat perfectly and my mom also loves hers. I am off to tell all my friends about you. Thanks again for the wonderful service and product and I am going to order another one for spring in brighter colours. I’m expecting another baby then and I think it’s an awesome size for a diaper bag too! "

I'm just so excited about this and would like to share it with you all.

It's already is an incredible feeling to receive such a compliment from a happy customer, but she went the extra mile to blog about my work and service here.

Ilana, Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!