Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taxation time!

Today is Sunday. Can you believe I spent my entire beautiful Sunday doing my TAXES? I don't know how many of you out there enjoy doing your annual taxes...especially if you're running a small business like me...the endless receipts of supplies, expenses, fees, and inventory to go through....SIGH...

I'm just taking a small break from my boredom to show you the mess I'm getting myself into....

Do I look like a C.A.? NOT! :)

You see...lots of last year's trash accumulated.

Let's put my boring accounting work aside and enjoy this cute masterpiece from my little boy, Mitchell.

I ordered two of my sons to clean up their toy room today. When I went up to check if everything was clean...I discovered something really's Pikachu disguising himself as the Incredible Hulk. Ooooo.....Isn't that cute?

I hope your Sunday afternoon is more enjoyable than mine! Have a good one!

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