Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bridal accessories trends for 2012

I can't believe times had just flew by so quickly. Some of you who had visited my blog site in the pass might had wondered why I hadn't been blogging since April of last year. Let me tell you, I had been extremely busy working on my new line of bridal clutches, bridal hair accessories, and jewellery. It all started out from making my everyday purses for Füchst Bags, my original bag collection, then I thought, maybe I should add a line of evening clutches and then it just evolved into bridal purses and then wedding accessories.

Since graduated from Fashion Design, oh boy.... many many years ago, I had always wanted to design a collection of bridal wear, and this desire became reality a couple of Summer ago when my good friend asked me to help with the planing of her wedding. I couldn't say no, well in fact I volunteered to do more than she asked because I was simply love doing things for weddings. It's such a happy occasion... and who doesn't want to get involve, right?! ;) I was responsible for arranging her flowers, centerpieces, and decorated her reception hall. When I saw the delight on everyone’s faces at this event, I knew I wanted to get involved with producing wedding themed products. Upon arriving back home, I immediately began researching materials, designs, and patterns for various wedding accessories and began producing products. Here are my creations so far . Hope you'll enjoy what you see!

Anyway, to make the story short, I would like to show you some of my bridal clutches and accessories that I created. I have constantly been keeping my eyes out on the wedding trends for 2012, and what you're about to see are brides would wear for the wedding of this year. The current trend for bridal hair pieces are more gearing toward feather with large rhinestone fascinator, large flower fascinator, Russian birdcage veil, and vintage inspired rhinestone hair combs instead of the traditional long veiling.

Clutches are what the bridal party would love to carry on the wedding day. A lot of them now a day carry clutches instead of bouquets simply because it's more practical. The clutches can hold all their bridesmaides' daily necessity such as keys, lipsticks, monies, sunglasses, and etc. Can you imagine each of your bridal party carry a flower clutch like the ones above?

I hope you enjoy reading my post and viewing my line of bridal accessories. Please leave comment/s if you have any questions. All the best!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hobo bag giveaway

I am currently doing a giveaway for one of my vintage red hobo bag on facebook via AppleCheeks™ Two-Size Washable Diapering facebook fan page. Please check it out and enter the giveaway by "like" my fan page.

Good luck!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Urban Heirlooms Style: Rambling Roses

Urban Heirlooms Style: Rambling Roses Check out my friend's new blog site. She's a super talented leather purses designer. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Featuring interview

I am just so excited to announce that I'm being featured in an amazing blog ~ Sea Flower Studios. Marissa is the writer/founder of this blog. She write and feature things about handmade, artists, Etsy, and all sources of information you need to know about the handmade community. Marissa is also a jewelry designer herself. Please check out her beautiful jewelry shop here.

To get to know more about me and Füchst Bags, please click on this link to read the interview:

For more information about these bag, please visit Thanks for visiting my shop.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New treasury

New treasury on Etsy created by Sea Flower Studio. I just love the combination of all the handmade product here. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to create a centerpiece that cost next to nothing

This large centerpiece idea came while I was preparing a New Year Eve dinner for our friends and family. It was quite a hectic day preparing meals for 20 people, and I didn't have time at all to go out to buy fresh flowers for our centerpiece, and so I quickly came up with this idea. I took one of the plants that used to be an outdoor plants for the Summer that had a nice base, and I quickly filled the spaces in between plants with a couple of large purple silk flowers. I then added Christmas ornaments over the plants and filled in more ornaments wherever there's gaps in between plants.  The arrangement looked beautiful on our buffet table. A few of our female friends asked where I got my centerpiece from, and some of them even wondered if the plants was real. :)

                                          Here are the steps by steps photos of my centerpiece:

Here is the finished product... what do you think?

This used to be an outdoor Summer plants I moved it indoor for the Winter hibernation.

These are the material I used for the centerpiece decoration

During arrangement

Close up to see the beauty of the Christmas ornaments

Hope you like my centerpiece!

You can also use any other silk or fresh flowers to create a similar centerpiece for any of your up-coming events. I just want to share this idea with you because I know we could all use this little tips to save time and money. I hope you will enjoy my tip!



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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holiday!

 May you and your family the joyous Christmas and the best new year to come! All the very best in 2011!

Me and my son infront of a large fireplace in the lobby area

This is the beautiful decoration in the lobby

My recent trip to Niagara Falls - Canada and stayed a night at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was fun and worth a trip there.

I hope your Christmas and new year as sweet as the candies on the wall. :)