Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Extreme Makeover!

Would you like to see how I transformed my ugly duckling basement into a bright, cozy, and functional working studio?

Here it is! "BEFORE", this was once an ugly duckling basement...then BING!...

VOILA...this is the "AFTER", an extreme makeover. What do you think? As for me, I can't be happier working here now. Here's what I did... I draped a creamy colored fabric to cover the walls.  I then rolled out a lush beige carpet to soften up the room...added a few more light fixtures to brighten up the area and then accessorized with shelving.

Here's my drafting table for creating my patterns and cutting fabric.  As a finishing touch, I cheered up the room by adding some colorful flowers to my sleek vase.

Here's my sewing table with shelving on the right for easy access to all my tools and accessories.

Finally, I'd like to present you my handsome "Juki" industrial sewing machine. He works like a charm...don't know what I'd do without him! ;P