Thursday, August 12, 2010

My new convertible Medusa bag

Medusa is my newly designed and handmade bag that has a set of magic straps that can be converted from a tote, to messeger bag, and to a backpack. I named it Medusa because of its snake liked straps that are so versatile.

The name Medusa stucked in my mind since I studied a story in my English class back in my high school year. The story was about an absolute beautiful Greek Godness Medusa who had long silky hair. She bragged at being more beautiful than the Goddess Athena, and one day, while in her temple, she was ravished by the Sea God Neptune. Athena was outraged by this and turned her into the Gorgon she became famous for being. She turned Medusa's beautiful hair into snakes and let it be that she could no longer see the handsome men who came to court her, as they would instantly be turned to stone if they looked into her eyes. Lol...I hope it won't turn you into stone when you adore my Medusa bag. :)

This is the close up of Medusa. She has a large exterior zippered pocket that alone can be a size of you regular purse.
It can then convert into a backpack simply insert the straps thru the o-ring and then hook both straps to the  square rings at the mid bottom of bag. Or if you are in the mood to carry it on a slant over your shoulder as a messeger bag. Viola! It will be another style bag.

If you want more of a lady look? No problem, you can simply bring the straps over the o-ring and then insert them thru the o-ring and hook both swivel hooks onto a square ring attached to at the end of the other strap. Viola! A shoulder/tote bag.
Here is the interior of the bag. You can see a large pencil like zippered pocket and three sectioned pouches on the other side.
You see? You can store so much stuff in these three sectioned pouches. Listen up new MOM! Here's a bag for YOU! :)
This is a very roomy EXTRA Large bag that has functionality, style, and sturdiness. If you are a large bag kindna gal, you are going to LOVE this bag. You can also select and choose you own fabric here:

I hope you'll enjoy the story of my Medusa bag!