Saturday, January 23, 2010

New fabric and LEATHER bags in progress

I was so excited when I received my order of these three beautiful red, eggshell, and black cowhide leather pieces. They feel so soft and supple and have a nice leather scent. I just can't wait to lay my hands into it...I mean start cutting them. :)

Sorry about the lighting in this photo. I took these in my studio where there's not much natural light. The fabric in the middle is actually a minted green background with a turquoise wild-flower print. Please see the photo below to get a better idea of the actual colors.

See what I mean? They've been cut and are ready for sewing. Please be patient and give me a week to produce them before posting on my Etsy shop. I'll keep you updated on the new bags. Promise! ;)


LacOkine said...

Wow! Awesome fabrics! I can't wait to see more :)))

Mandy said...

Thanks Genevieve. It's gonna be a lottttt of hard work! I can't wait to get them done. Wish I have a magic wand. ;)