Thursday, April 1, 2010

Decorating tip - How to jazz up an ordinary door


This is my kitchen door that used to look a bit plain and boring, I gave it a life by adding a small pannel of gathered drape, a couple of wall hangings, and a few plants. As my kitchen sink is facing this door, and so this is what I look at when I do my diskes, and I want to look at something pretty...wouldn't you? :). The drape is not only pretty to look at but it serve the purpose of giving you a little privacy too.

I found this sheer fabric in champagne color with checker patterns in the local fabric store. I measured the width and length of the door, and then cut and sew the drape up. I will give a tutorial of how to make this simple drape in my next blog post. So, don't forget to come back! ;)

Voila! Here is the finished touch. How do you like it? Isn't it look more welcoming and pleasing to the eyes?



Crystal from KIZZ said...

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Crystal from KIZZ said...

REally nice! does totally change the look of the door. Wish i could sew... 8).
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crystal from kIZZ