Monday, October 12, 2009

Beautiful and Cool Autumn

As the warm weather starts to ebb away, we begin to feel the inevitable zest in the air that tells us the seasons are beginning to change. But don’t let the cooler weather discourage you from feeling your best and enjoying nature's beauty around you. I love the four seasons we have in Canada as each has its own unique beauty. I have heard people say that Autumn is the season of death, but I totally disagree with that. Although it's a little cooler, the changing color of the leaves is breathtaking.

I took this photo while on my way to pick up my kids from school. These are the maple trees that change colors in the Fall... the warm rustic multi colors... aren't they beautiful?

It' getting close to Halloween.  This beautiful home in the neighborhood already looks so pretty with its NOT so scary decoration. 

Needless to say, it's pumpkins season! I just love these cheerfully bright orange pumpkins... I'm thinking about pumpkin pies. :)

With the change in the season, it’s also time for a change in wardrobe and accessories. I have recently added these interchangeable shawls/scarves along with my bag collection.

Nothing feels warmer and prettier than wrapping yourself with this shawl/scarf. It’s not just a simple scarf…interchanging it into different styles is just a few buttons away.

It can also be worn as a poncho, bolero, shawl jacket, and more… all you need is a little imagination! One more suggestion is that you can wear this as an outer layer top of your black turtleneck. It will look really sleek in the office.

I hope you enjoy viewing my newly designed shawls! You can find these in my Etsy shop for $48.00 US. If you mention that you saw these shawls on my blog, I'll take 10% off your price.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! For friends and readers outside Canada, I wish you all the same in the month of November.

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