Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Empty Nest

This is my version of an empty nest. I sketched since I couldn't find one to take picture.

While I was coming home from dropping off my kids to school this morning, I couldn't help to feel a little "empty nested" as soon as I opened the door to our house. I guess it's normal to feel that way since I spent the whole summer with them everyday. But I know I will quickly adapt to a quiet house when I start getting busy with my new bag designs.
I saw turtwig was laying on top of Pikachu while I was cleaning up the toy room, it reminded me of my kids fighting...except they're are alot more quieter. :)


Child's Life - Blog said...

ha ha.. that is so cute - now they can fight in the playground at recess and bug someone else!

SewSweetStitches said...

That's a great sketch- It has a frantic look, like what happens after whirlwind kids are crashing through the house- Hmmm where have I seen that before lol